About Us


"To be in the business of creating original entertainment and educational content, in the form of feature films, documentaries, television and internet programming, telephony, publishing and all other platforms available, not just currently, but also in the future, both domestically and globally.
"To create new and unique rights business management techniques, to create growth opportunities for all those who work for and with us, to achieve pre set goals within pre set time limits, and to continually raise the bar for creativity and profit."
Aerika Cineworks young, dynamic, boutique production house, which plans to be actively and creatively involved in all aspects of content creation, from producing feature film content, to exploiting that content, from creating, producing and executing content on television, on the internet, content for new media, as well as being able to self market its own content.
Yes, these are very ambitious goals.... But then, we are a very ambitious company. For us, there is no limit to our enthusiasm and no limit to what we will learn, and then do. Without being unrealistic, using a clear, pragmatic and logical rationale, Aerika Cineworks will be producing a slate of content, and marketing and distributing this content across all mediums globally... And above all, at every stage, giving our audiences, customers, shareholders, partners, and all those who interact with us value for money at all times, so that brand Aerika becomes a trusted household name, in the entertainment and learning space, through the world.
Aerika Cineworks is already on its way to start shooting its first venture for 2014, a unique film which sets out to explore the maze that is the education system in India in 2014. Apart from motion pictures and the marketing and the syndication of motion pictures, Aerika Cineworks will in the near future also develop content, both entertaining as well as educational, and market this content not just conventionally, but also in the exciting new digital future space, of telephony, the internet, and future technologies.


" Growth, being the very essence of life itself, in any shape or form, is the quintessential vision that team Aerika has... To grow organically as a team, as a company, as a force within the entertainment, media and education spaces allow individual growth within the corporate evolution
Aerika Cineworks (ACW) is committed to a vision which is not limited to the narrow definitions of film, cinema, media and education, but to the broader horizons of the future of communication, both on domestic and global platforms, accepting newer technologies, pioneering newer systems, redefining existing business plans and constantly raising bar internally.
An exciting new world is ahead in the content creation space, and Aerika Cineworks hopes to be in the forefront of that part of the space which combines profitable entertainment with great values, both educational, as well as moral, social and spiritual.


Every company has to be run for profit. Aerika Cineworks is no different in that respect. A healthy profit is the hallmark of a healthy company run by competent and healthy individuals.
However, profit and social conscience must run together. Aerika Cineworks will not be a company that will be run solely for profit. It is a company that has been conceived to create profitable content without being sensational
Aerika Cineworks -An entertainment company with conscience.